Press Release: “Project Reach”

July 3, 2011, Westchester County, NY: Keith Amerson, Director of Basketball Operations of Basketball IQ (“BBIQ”) is pleased to announce a strategic partnership with Sports Authority for BBIQ’s “Project Reach” initiative. Keith stated “Exceptional athletic skill knows no boundaries and we at BBIQ recognize that some athletes may not have access to the resources that allow them to realize the pro-athlete within. We started Project Reach as a way to give back to youth in need through the game of basketball. BBIQ is excited to partner with Sports Authority in order to make this community initiative possible. This initiative is designed to help programs in communities gain access to necessary basketball training supplies and equipment. BBIQ will REACH out to fans of the game, those interested in making a difference in a child’s life through sport, and corporate sponsors to help raise awareness and coordinate the supply of much needed basketball equipment to worthy teams and programs.” view press release »



Basketball IQ presents the … 2010/2011 Player Scholarship Award (PSA)
We are pleased to announce the first annual BBIQ’s Player Scholarship Award that will be awarded to one male or female athlete. BBIQ’s staff understands the effort, hard work and dedication that it takes to go to school, train and meet the demands of playing basketball. Student athletes exert a great degree of physical and mental energy to rise to the occasion to meet all expectations. As such, BBIQ is honoring, by formally recognizing, a student athlete who has excelled in meeting the dual role of first being a student and secondly, an athlete. more info »

Nominate a Player for the PSA Here!


New York Knicks March to the Garden

The New York Knicks inaugural “March to the Garden” 3-on-3 Basketball Tournament is an extremely entertaining, and competitive experience. Opening rounds took place on April 2nd and 3rd at Chelsea Piers in New York City. Knicks current players Carmelo Anthony, Billy Walker, Anthony Carter, Jared Jefferies, Sheldon Williams, Roger Mason, and Renaldo Balkman appeared with the Knicks City Dancers.

The Final Four teams of each bracket played out the championship round on the floor of Madison Square Garden on April 3rd after the Knicks versus Cleveland Cavaliers. Knicks Legends Charles & Smith, Larry Johnson and Allen Houston were also in attendance. All Star Kenny Anderson was also in attendance. read article »


Keith Amerson Athletic Award at Kansas State University

Kansas State University established the Keith Amerson award in 1990-1991 to honor its former player, whose determination to reach his potential on and off the court set the standard for future K-State student-athletes. This year the Wildcats will honor its newest recipient on April 27th on the floor of Bramlage Coliseum where Keith Amerson will be in attendance to personally acknowledge and deliver his award to 2011 honoree.
read more »



National AAU Mens’s Basketball Championship –ALL Star Basketball Selection

During Keith’s senior year at KSU, he was a chosen as a member of the Big 8 AAU Senior’s team that played in an AAU tournament in Kansas City, Missouri in 1991. Keith’s superior performance during the AAU tournament resulted in him being selected as a national AAU Men’s Basketball Champion All-Star. Since its inauguration in 1917, the AAU All-Star Basketball Team has been selected on the basis of performance in the National AAU Basketball Tournament. The selection of this elite team is made by a tribunal of press, radio, and television sports experts attending the tournament games, and is a significant honor for those chosen to participate.

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